Unleash your true potential: Workplace’s new One Partner Program is here

by Ernesto Tey

The Workplace One Partner Program

Every day, 5m paid subscribers around the world use Workplace to communicate and stay connected. That includes people in large enterprises as well as small and medium-sized businesses.

With demand increasing for Workplace globally, we’re actively seeking new reseller, service and technology partners to help us turn even more companies into communities.

Partners are already central when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers. Today, over 50% of Workplace deals globally include a partner in the pre- or post-deployment phase. Our ambition is to see this number grow even more.

That’s why we’ve developed the Workplace One Partner Program (OPP).

Sign up today and join us on our mission to bring the power of community to everybody at work, while tapping into this fast-growing market opportunity.

How the One Partner Program helps you grow with us

Whether you want to sell with us, build with us or service with us, OPP is designed to give you access to resources and information, resulting in significant growth and revenue opportunities.

OPP for Resellers and Service Partners:

• Receive incentives, sales enablement solutions and go-to market support to scale quickly and build sustainable long-term relationships
• Access our comprehensive partner training and certification program to sell and deploy Workplace – and provide ongoing customer support
• Connect with our product specialists and get early access to APIs, beta programs and product roadmap
• Gain direct access to our dedicated global and local alliance support managers to help your customers succeed

OPP for Technology Partners:

• Workplace is a platform that is deployed to every employee in an organization, driving visibility, relevance and stickiness of your applications, integrations and bots
• Your products could be leveraged by millions of Workplace customers

Why partner with Workplace?

Our partners are helping organizations transform the employee experience, including how companies communicate with their people, build community and get work done. Partners can help companies solve problems including remote working, employee engagement and a lack of two-way business communication.

For their part, organizations love Workplace because it’s:

Easy to adopt. Workplace is quick and easy for customers to try out, use and understand. It’s based on familiar Facebook features, so adoption rates are very high – and training costs can be close to zero.

Easy to integrate. Workplace integrates seamlessly with the business tools that customers love and that you’re selling, so it leverages their existing investment in Microsoft Teams, G Suite, ServiceNow, etc. In short, deploying Workplace makes your existing tech stack better.

We’re ready to welcome you. Become a Workplace partner today.

Learn more about Workplace’s One Partner Program.

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