Workplace Insights

Insights give you a deeper understanding of how your employees are using Workplace. Easily drill into the key data and discover new ways to connect your organization.

Discover how your company uses Workplace with Insights

Measure adoption and engagement with Workplace Insights. Use important data to understand the health of your community and build a better employee experience based on the findings.

Measure engagement

Track how active your employees are on Workplace, and discover how much content your organization is creating, as well as how many people are engaging with it.

Track adoption

Find out how many employees have activated their Workplace profiles and analyze monthly, weekly and daily active users on the platform.

Analyze posts

Measure comments, likes and views on any post to get a better understanding of the impact of your communications. You can use sentiment analysis for even deeper insights.

Use valuable data insights to build a stronger Workplace community

Data-driven insights can help you improve your company culture, build tighter connections between your teams, and understand your employee engagement levels in real time, all the time. In fact, internal communications and HR professionals saved 25% of their time by using Workplace Insights to optimize their comms based on feedback, as reported in the 2022 Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study.

Insights FAQs

Creators and admins can find out how their content is performing right from their posts. To view your post insights, go to your post and click the ellipsis, then choose ‘View post insights’. You’ll be able to see the click-through rate, engagement rate and post completion rate. For video content, you can track video drop-off, viewership and engagement insights.

Only group admins can view and download group insights. To access group insights, click the ellipsis below the group’s cover photo and click ‘Admin Insights’. On the left panel, select either 'Growth', 'Engagement' or 'Membership' below the ‘Insights’ heading. Group insights data is available as far back as one year.

Insights are available for each individual Knowledge Library category and subcategory. Admins can see category insights by clicking on ‘Insights’ at the top-right of any category to see data. ‘Who Can View’ metrics show the number of users with permissions to view the category, and ‘Unique Views’ metrics show the number of users who have visited the category at any time. Data can also be sorted by different profile fields, including ‘Department’ and ‘Location’. Find out more in Help Center.

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