Live Video

Live video is the most authentic way to communicate news and announcements to your team or company.

Go live from anywhere

Anybody can go live from a mobile phone or Portal. It's the perfect way to check in with your team, especially when you can't be together in person. And unlike email, you can get feedback or answer questions in real time through comments, likes and reactions.

Transform your town hall meetings

Need a reliable way to talk to your entire company? Live Producer lets you create high-quality live events directly from your computer, with features such as screen-sharing, Q&As and live-stream metrics.

  • "With the switch to remote work, it was difficult for our teams to stay connected and work together. Workplace's video tools have helped us stay informed and have made it easier for people to collaborate"

    Roeland van der Heiden, Digital Director, Global Corporate Affairs, AstraZeneca

  • “We do a lot of Live video streams where we ask for employees to either share ideas or give feedback. It helps us break down walls and allows people to come together in a safe place at their own pace.”

    Ashley Bellview, Director of Internal Communications,

  • “When we go live, our CEO can be in all places at all times. People feel like they are now connected whereas before they felt like they were on their own. With Live, we’re in a world where we’re unscripted. People see that and they see us as being human. We’re very real to them.”

    Charisse Evans, VP, Customer Experience, Delta Air Lines

More resources to help you connect everyone

Learn more about the value of connecting everyone on the Workplace blog. Or download our guides to discover how Workplace can help to connect your company.

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Live on Portal

Download the Workplace Live app for Portal to use Smart Sound and Smart Camera whether you're going live yourself or watching others.

How to go Live

On desktop, simply click the Live Video icon on any post. This will take you directly to Live Producer where you can select a camera option, choose a group to broadcast into and decide whether to schedule the video. On mobile, the Go Live button on every post will take you directly to your phone’s camera to start broadcasting.

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