The simpler way tostay connected

Workplace helps teams stay connected. Use our familiar features to share information, engage employees, build culture and connect people everywhere. We’ll even help you measure the impact so you know what’s working.

Secure tools to meet your business needs

The great thing about Workplace is that it’s flexible enough to meet your business needs but secure enough to give you peace of mind.

Supercharge your business communication by sharing information with the right people at the right time, and get everybody on the same page.

Our user-friendly intranet makes it easy for people to create, discover and share important content, especially on mobile

Automatically add people to company-wide, regional or team groups so everybody knows where to go for relevant updates or big announcements

A scrolling stream of posts that uses AI to prioritize the information people care about based on past engagements and team interactions

Highlight important company announcements with Key Updates to make sure your message is seen by the right people - both on and off Workplace.

Improve employee engagement by holding meaningful conversations that give everybody a voice.

Broadcast live to share company news in an authentic way, add Q&As, captions and video chapters to improve engagement

Bring people together for key moments and build a culture of inclusion with in-person and virtual events

Get involved in the conversation by leaving feedback or sharing ideas on Workplace posts

Whether it’s a project catch up or a quick coffee, Video Chat is the easy way to connect on desktop or mobile

Give people everywhere a chance to have their say by automatically translating posts into 91 languages

Strengthen culture by taking the pulse of your organization and empower people to express themselves.

Ask people what they want to talk about at the next company meeting, or just learn more about whatever’s on their mind

Introduce the real you by uploading a photo, choosing your pronouns and even letting people know how to pronounce your name

Send short, automated surveys via instant message so you can see how people are feeling, even if they’re on mobile

Bring your entire company together on a single platform and measure the impact of building a community.

Add people to Workplace in one click using Google Workspace, Azure AD, Okta or OneLogin

No email? No problem. Use a one-time code to get anybody set up on Workplace

Automate key ways of working for frontline employees, including shift swapping, document signing and employee recognition

Measure the things you care about, like views, sentiment and employee engagement with straightforward analytics

Keeping your data secure

At Workplace, we pride ourselves on security as well as simplicity. That’s why we serve demanding organizations from AstraZeneca to the Government of Singapore. We’re ISO 27018 certified, GDPR compliant, and we keep all Workplace accounts separate from Facebook.