Launch Communication Plan

A templatized communication plan to help you build up excitement for launch.

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Developing a strong communication strategy is critical to the success of your launch. It’s also time-consuming, especially when you have the rest of your launch to plan and execute. We've made it easy.

The Launch Communication Campaign is a templatized communication plan that will ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to get your colleagues engaged and excited for Workplace. While these communication templates are built to be used as-is, we recommend you tailor them to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Sample communication from the Launch Communication Plan.

Sample communication to the Workplace launch project team from the Launch Communication Plan.

Download the communication plan here.



When it comes to communication strategy, your central task in the weeks before launch is ensuring alignment from champions, people managers, and executives, as well as building excitement among your colleagues.

You'll do this in four ways:

  • Email communications
  • Intranet banners
  • Print media around the office
  • Computer screens

Organizations with frontline and/or email-less employees will need to lean heavily on people managers and our library of print media. Download the communication plan to see communication templates and assets for frontline managers.

Launch Day

Launch Day

The best way to get employees engaged is by making your launch day fun. Here are some tips for launch day activities that will get your employees on Workplace:

  • Plan a launch day event in your office. Provide snacks and other incentives for people to attend and make activating your Workplace profile the ticket to the event.
  • Hold friendly activation competitions and provide prizes to teams and departments with 100% profile activation.
  • If you can, consider donating $1 to charity for every profile activation. Employees will feel they are contributing to a good cause by getting on board.
  • Plan a Workplace treasure hunt. Instruct employees to find 5 things in Workplace such as the Thanks feature, a social group, their benefits information, the CEO’s profile, and the Org Chart feature. The first person to post a photo of all five will receive a prize.

Beyond celebrating, use this day to make sure everyone can activate their profile, get set up, and get started as a new user.

  • Create an open Workplace group called “Workplace Tips & QA” and add all members of your organization.
  • Enlist the support of your champions and make them group admins.
  • Pin a post in your group, inviting employees to post their Workplace questions and encouraging everyone to answer one another’s questions when possible.
  • Have champions monitor the group and provide assistance as needed.
  • Ask the IT team to monitor the group as well to provide troubleshooting support when it’s required.
  • Use the Tip Tuesday and Workplace Basics campaigns to share a steady stream of Workplace tips in the group

Post Launch

Post Launch

You’ve done a lot to prepare your organization for Workplace, but there’s still some more work to be done. The days, weeks, and months right after your launch are critical for driving adoption and engagement. It’s important not to lose momentum after launch day.

You, your executive team, and your champions will need to share a regular stream of content to engage your organization and get more of your employees into Workplace. Find Workplace posts, email templates, and more communication materials for your post launch communications here.

And check out these other post-launch campaigns you can use to educate your employees on how to use Workplace:

  • Workplace Basics: Onboard employees to Workplace with this daily campaign that covers essential Workplace features - groups, notifications, chat and more.
  • Tip Tuesday: Share tips and best practices and educate to help employees get more out of Workplace.

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