The New Rules of Engagement for High-Performing Hybrid Teams

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The global pandemic has catapulted us into a new era in which hybrid workforces - a mix of office, remote and frontline employees - will be the norm.

The question for HR, Comms, Marketing and IT leaders is how to ensure that these hybrid teams become (or remain) high-performing teams. One key is to focus on employee experience (EX).

Employee experience is how companies foster a sense of belonging. It’s a whole series of actions, techniques and strategies which, taken together, help employees create deeper connections with their work, their colleagues and the organization itself. That, in turn, helps improve company-wide performance - because when people feel better at work, they do better at work.

Driving EX is a long-term effort. But fast-moving businesses are already getting started by focusing on the new rules of engagement. They’re using these rules to create connections across their business.

And they’re using Workplace to do it. Workplace is a communication platform that brings employee experience to life by empowering leaders to talk, listen and connect with their hybrid teams. How? Let’s look at each of the three rules to find out.

New Rule #1: Create More Efficient Employee Communication

When it comes to EX, making sure the right people can get the right information no matter where they work or what they do is critical - especially during periods of uncertainty. This communication should be as transparent as possible. Employees will understand if you don’t have all the answers, but they will expect you to show up consistently and authentically.

The most effective communication is fast, networked and breaks down silos. With a hybrid workforce, it’s even more important that you listen to people and act on feedback, wherever it comes from, so you can provide better customer experiences or improve productivity.

In addition, an effective communication platform will integrate seamlessly with the rest of your business tools, and can be accessed by everyone whether they’re in the office, on the frontline or working from home so every employee feels like they have a voice.

Do It On Workplace: Live Video

Do It On Workplace: Live Video

Live video is an easy-to-use, out-of-the-box broadcasting solution for hosting company or department-wide meetings using nothing more than a laptop (or even just a phone). So you don’t need a tech team on hand to get started.

It includes features like live Q&A and automatic captions, and allows presenters to see real-time comments or questions without having to switch viewing modes. You can even co-present with multiple hosts in different locations, and see simple stats after your broadcast to get a sense of how it went.

Use Live video to:

  • Host live panel discussions - including with guest speakers
  • Hold Town Hall meetings for your department or company with live Q&A
  • Reach more people with automatic captions then easily translate them once the recording is finished

New Rule #2: Build Community

A company becomes a community when you break down silos and empower people to work together. But it’s also what happens when people feel like they belong. This is even more important for hybrid teams. Whether they’re working in a manufacturing role on the frontline, in corporate HQ or from a home office, the most engaged employees are the ones who share the same purpose and values, no matter how different their individual roles are. They also share the same trust in their leaders to exemplify those values.

Diversity and inclusion (D&I) also plays a major role in building community. Talking about D&I as a company is a start, but actions matter more than words. Organizations need a way to ensure that every employee feels seen, heard and valued. Bringing people together on a single platform can be an effective way to do that - especially when it’s difficult to come together in person.

Do It On Workplace: Live Video

Do It On Workplace: Groups

Groups are secure, shared spaces where employees can come together to work on projects or take part in conversations. They’re a great way to make sure the right people see important announcements, but they can also be used for file sharing with internal or external teams, as well as for strengthening culture.

Use Groups to:

  • Provide a space for employees to talk about their identity, such as Black, Pride or Parents communities
  • Onboard your new employees and bring them together wherever they are
  • Broadcast live to connect with specific communities in an authentic manner and hear what they have to say

New Rule #3: Put Wellbeing First

Seventy-eight percent of workers say the global pandemic has affected their mental health. At the same time, our physical wellbeing has been impacted as we’ve adjusted to the new rhythms of work, including when and how to establish boundaries between ‘home’ and ‘office’ life.

Organizations can play their part by investing in wellness programs and toolkits. These don’t have to be costly or complicated. It could be as simple as recommendations on how to set up an effective home office environment, making sure teams set aside an hour a week to connect about things unrelated to their work, or continuing to publicly recognize great impact in a world where extra effort isn’t as visible as it used to be. Of course, if organizations create these toolkits, it’s important that people know where to find them.

Do It On Workplace: Knowledge Library

Do It On Workplace: Knowledge Library

Knowledge Library is a place to store and share static content on Workplace. Organizations love it because creating content is simple (it takes hours, not days), it’s customizable, easily searchable and great to use on mobile.

Use Knowledge Library to:

  • Share company policies and best practices around wellbeing
  • Provide easy access to company benefits, including healthcare and wellbeing reimbursements
  • Make sure frontline or remote workers have easy access to important documents

Take Action Today

There’s no time to waste. Organizations need to make good on the new rules of engagement today. But because Workplace is so simple and intuitive, you can get up and running right away. For more information on how Workplace can help, check out our new Live video toolkit for practical steps and inspiration to help you engage your hybrid teams.

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